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Research and development

 Amberplastic, UAB devotes a lot of attention to the creation of new technology and products and their testing and development. The company has developed technology for reinforcing complex surfaces that enables convex surfaces to be reinforced from the inside with special layers of reinforcing material (structural honeycomb material, polyurethane sheets, balsa-wood), which fully reproduces the outer surface’s shape and dimensions. In order to keep production costs down, large surfaces may be only partly reinforced with the materials mentioned above, however the strength of the product’s whole construction can be maintained by using GRP beams of various shapes.

Our company cooperates with all manufacturers of small-scale wind turbines in Lithuania, also with educational institutions, in order to seek to achieve greater efficiency for small-scale wind turbines.

Through experimentation, Amberplastic, UAB has created a light roof construction that has the advantage of flexibility for installation. If the supporting construction is sound, the company can produce sheets that will be fully adaptable to the dimensions of the existing construction. Furthermore, when installing the new roof, it is possible to fully protect the existing construction from the atmosphere and from chemical effects by hermetically sealing it with glass fibre material.

In an effort to maximise the strength of the glass fibre panels being manufactured while keeping their weight down, the company has developed a technique for giving the panels extra rigidity by using glass fibre rods. This type of construction allows the least dense (lightest) insulating foam to be used in the manufacturing process while keeping the construction as firm as it would have been if foam of a greater density had been used.