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Parts for wind turbines

Amberplastic, UAB produces blades for wind turbines of low output, which can be of 4 types, depending on production technology and material chosen. Depending on the intended operating conditions and the technical requirements of the product itself, the blades may be:

  • extra strong (filled with solid material);

  • very light (containing a glass-fibre or carbon-fibre reinforcing rod);

  • hollow, made with rigid edges of structural honeycomb material;

  • manufactured according to “sandwich” technology, light but having a very strong surface (covered with a thin layer of reinforcing materials).

The technology used in the company’s plant makes it possible to produce blades of complex shape and up to 10 m in length.

The company can also produce, on the basis of technical drawings submitted by the client, parts for the bodies of wind turbines and airflow guide vanes.