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Industrial products

  Amberplastic, UAB produces tanks of various dimensions, capacities and shapes, also accessories for tanks that are intended for use in an environment that is highly corrosive. The basic properties of these tanks are:

  • Working temperature range from -100 °C to +220 ºC (depending on the concentration of the chemical substance being stored in the tanks);

  • Inner tank walls, resistant to chemical corrosion, have a thickness of between 2.5 and 6.0 mm;

  • Outer tank walls have a thickness of between 4 and 10 mm, together with rigidifying edges that ensure the complete strength of the tank;

  • All connection points are made of the same material as the rest of the tank. This makes it possible to connect the tank directly to pipe networks;

  • The surface is coated with a special friction-resistant resin to make it possible to store products that contain abrasive particles.

A specific line of tank production in our company is the manufacture of glass-fibre water pumping silos with easily removable maintenance hatches and other components (partitions, floors, handrails).

We also produce accessories for car and lorry bodies (protective devices, windshields, etc.) and boxes for storing sand, sorbents and rubbish.

Amberplastic, UAB also produces GRP panels, which are composed of two glass-fibre layers (top and bottom) with a layer of polyurethane foam of varying density in the middle. This construction is noted for its exceptional strength and low weight. It is extensively used in the shipbuilding and freight transport industries.