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Production to order

Amberplastic, UAB takes orders for one-off or series production of various types of products. The advantages of such production are:

  • Compared to the use of other plastic materials, the initial investment costs on manufacturing technology are low;

  • There is a short time between receiving the order and the start of production;

  • There is a possibility of changing the shape or surface texture of the product at minimal cost.

Our company’s specialists can solve complex problems by using glass fibre as a substitute for metal, ceramics, concrete, wood or traditional polyethylene plastic and by creating a mould for the product and using materials and technology in such a way that the glass fibre product will be in no way inferior in its physical and mechanical properties to the original product, and may even surpass it.

By using glass fibre or metal moulds, the company is able to mass-produce various sorts of products. For products of extra large dimensions, we may use resin and fibreglass spraying equipment supplied by GlasCraft (USA), one of the leaders in the global market. Such equipment is also used for pumping resin into small moulds of complex shape. The company has a tank winding workshop which is capable of producing tanks of up to 2.8 m in width and 17 m in length.