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Production of prototypes and moulds

Amberplastic, UAB designs and manufactures the basic technological process component required for the production of composite material products – product moulds. The product mould is an inverted copy of the product to be produced with the same dimensions and surface details. The mould may be made from glass fibre or from metal that has been machined or otherwise prepared. Amberplastic, UAB has had considerable experience in producing moulds of various sizes and complexity, ranging from boat bodies to small leisure items such as chairs.

If moulds made of glass fibre are to be used, the first step is to create a prototype of the product. This is then used to shape a mould. Non-complex product prototypes are produced by the company on the basis of technical drawings or blueprints (or in some cases, even just sketches). Complex moulds and product prototypes that require very precise dimensions are made from technical drawings or blueprints on 3D or 5D milling machines.

The company also produces moulds using existing products as a prototype.